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Concert Program Ad Campaign 2014-2015


As part of our fundraising efforts, we are currently selling advertising space in our concert programs. This year, we have ten concerts scheduled for the Mindess School, the Middle School and the High School Bands and Choruses!


Ads that are sold will be printed in all 10 of our Programs for the entire 2014-2015 Concert Season* and will reach close to 2,000 audience members. This is a great deal of advertising for a very low price! The cost of advertising is as follows:


Full Page Ad (5 wide x 8 tall) - $200

½ Page Ad (5 wide x 4 tall) - $125

Business Card Ad (3.5 wide x 2 tall) - $75


Personal Message of Support for the Band, Chorus or Your Favorite Music Student! (three lines of text/25 word limit) - $40.00


All funds raised will be used for student activities, transportation costs, and fees for students to participate in District, All-State, and All-Eastern Music Festivals.


In order to meet the print deadline for our Winter Concerts, Ads must be received NO LATER THAN Friday, November 14, 2014.


* Ads received after the first concert will be placed in all future programs until June 2015.

E-mail your artwork in one of the following formats to


.jpg or .pdf file

Microsoft Word or Publisher file

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